I agree we had a positive outcome and I found your advocacy on behalf of --- and the parents to be collaborative and void of negative comments. Your requests and comments were reasonable, this has not alway been my experience with other advocates in the field.

We work hard to foster good reputation and create trusting relationships, a challenge for us with --- parents. Your continued support to the family will hopefully improve our relationship.

April 8th 2014

Phoenix Az

Director of Special Education


Like always, my advocate was professional, factual, to the point and got my son and our family what we deserve and need!  She turned a devastating situation for us, into something that had the right outcome.  She has and still does fight this fight with her own son so she understands what we are going through and what is needed.  Most of all, she builds relationships with the school and school team without deferring from what is appropriate for the child by sticking to the law.

On this kind of journey I feel the need to pass on providers that truly get our kids and go above and beyond the call of duty.  That is why I want to share this information with you!

October 27th 2014

Peoria Az

Parent of 2 Children with Autism


Just wanted to let you know everything has been working great right after the last meeting at --- high school. I see the difference on --- too. Thank you for all your help.

October 12th 2014

Peoria Az

Parent of a teen with ADHD and Learning Disability


Thanks for pushing the school to help me learn to read. I finally got to use technology in school and I don't feel stupid anymore.

May 3rd 2014

Chandler AZ

Student with dyslexia


Thank you so much for helping the school district see --- behavior was not intentional. I felt like a victim before your help in the IEP meeting. I will always have you by my side.

April 22nd 2014

Scottsdale AZ

Parent of a child with an emotional disability


I felt like a champion today with you by my side. Fighting for inclusion has not been easy for my daughter. It was amazing how you let everyone know it was ok that kids with developmental delays deserve high expectations. The babysitting is over!!!

November 8th 2013


Parent of a daughter with Down syndrome


You arrived knowledgeable and ready to educate the team just as you promised. You met our school team where we were and shared data so the IEP team could make informed decisions. Thank you so much. The quality of your advocacy surpassed all my expectations.

September 24th 2013

Tucson AZ

Parent of a child with multiple disabilities


Seriously ...Im not doing this without you. Words can not express the strength you give me. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

August for the last 7 years

Paradise Valley AZ

Every year the father of a young man who is gifted with a disability, sends the above message..